Health Consultations are an important opportunity for both the potential client and doctor. For the potential client it's an opportunity to identify if the doctor is a good fit for them. The doctor you choose should align with your health and performance goals and how you want to go about accomplishing them. For the doctor it's an opportunity to get to know you and identify if he can help you accomplish those health and performance goals.
When you restore proper movement you reduce/eliminate pain and help to minimize the chances of injuries both short term and long term. Improvements in strength, stamina, energy levels, balance and coordination have been observed.
Holistic Therapies
There are many additional therapies that go with chiropractic care. While most are manual therapies, some are machine assisted to go above and beyond what a hands on approach could provide. Our unique cold laser and percussion therapies provide gentle and effective options for those that need and want an alternative to traditional chiropractic care.
Nutritional Therapy
Every moment of the day and night your body is performing vital actions and reactions that need proper ingredients, i.e. fats, proteins, carbohydrates, water, vitamins, minerals, etc. On an individual basis, when these ingredients are insufficient, absent or incorrect your body begins to suffer the consequences and you health begins to decline little by little and sometimes dramatically.
Before diving right into treatment it's vital to know what needs to be corrected. Examinations allow the doctor to identify not only what's wrong but also what right about the state of your body. For some people they've already been examined by another doctor and are seeking a second opinion on their condition and how to go about improving it.
Weight & Fat Loss
Losing fat and dropping weight can be a challenging a very frustrating challenge. Without understanding the way the body works and why you add/retain fat it's nearly impossible to win. Learn at your own pace right in the comfort of your own home with our 3X Fat Loss (Men) and 3X Weight Loss (Women) programs.
Detox & Cleansing
If you have a body and live on planet Earth there's a good bet that you breath, eat, drink, bathe in, rub on, spray on, paint on, and on and on some, possibly hundreds, of the thousands of toxic compounds in existence. Your body has amazing ability to convert some of the to less toxic forms and ideally eliminate them from the body. It's been found that we need to support the body's detoxification and elimination processes to achieve and maintain a high level of health.
Allergy Elimination
The body has been known to over-react to man-made or environmental compounds. These allergies, and sometimes more accurately named sensitivities, have a wide range of symptoms that reduce the body's function and overall health.
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